What kind of loyalty system should I choose?

April 27, 2021
The modern world dictates how to run a business, what is being popular and what’s working. New marketing strategies, social media and public relationships. All these factors you need (and we are sure you do) take into account in order to grow your business. Whatever you have: a cafe, a restaurant, a shop, a car wash or a beauty salon; you need to build a right relationship with your customers. And the same level of importance will have a customer service you provide and a loyalty program you implement.

If you are reading this article, you have decided you want to run a loyalty or a reward program and you are probably looking for clarity about what kind of the system is going to work better for your business.

So let’s take a closer look at nowadays popular loyalty programs and loyalty systems. Some of them are already being very old fashioned and outdated, but somehow the most common. The ones who went online and got to know their customers better, doubled and tripled their incomes.

Paper/mobile stamp cards

This type used to (and still is very popular) as it’s easy to start and to spread. But clients all the time forget those cards, lose them, so they also lose the desire to participate in the reward program like this one ever again. Also, mostly, it takes too long to collect enough points or purchases to get a desirable reward, so clients forget, give up on this.

Mobile apps

Easy to download, set up and run. Some are free of charge, but show you plenty of advertisements, you would need to make a small effort to get your customers to install the app where they collect, track the points and then recieve rewards, bonusus, whatever you decide that will be. You may offer a free cup of coffee to customers for the app installation. We promise it will pay triple back. With a mobile app you can access more data about your customers, none of the types of loyalty systems have those benefits. One of the most important advantages a loyalty system app gives you is buzz marketing ( notifications you can send to all your clients to inform them about new positions in menu, services, promotions etc ). You even can get this as in the Loyalo app for free. It’s also advertisement free. Own a big chain? get your customized, with your logo etc app - contact hello@loyalosystem.com to get answers to all your questions. Use any phone or tablet with an Android system to download the Loyalo app and place it by the cash register for clients to be able to scan QR code with their phones when they pay.

Loyalty program software

The most expensive and complicated way to run your own loyalty program. You would need to buy software, a computer for each cash register. And depending on a particular software to train your staff to use it, but will not gain any data form your users nor possibility to message them with any information. expensive and not beneficial.

You lose nothing by giving a try and installing the Loyalo app! You will get a lot!