Bring your customers back using Loyalo loyalty program for automotive services!

Loyalo is simple loyalty marketing platform designed for automotive services!

Benefits for your business

Revenue increase
Companies using our loyalty program increase the number and volume of purchases made by their clients.
Loyal clients
Doesn’t it feel great when you get something free? This is what matters most - your client’s satisfaction:)
Know better your clients
Paper punch cards don't tell you anything about your clients. Loyalo system gives you all the information you need to offer your clients a better service.

How it works for your client?

Loyalo system station

  • Your customers create a Loyalo virtual card, where they can see how many points they have acumulated and actual promotions.
  • Keep the Loyalo tablet near your point–of–sale (POS) so that every client can easily participate in your loyalty program.

Sign in to gain points and free products

  • Client logs in fast using QR code from Loyalo Card. Clients will never forget or loose their bonus card. They will get certain amount of points everytime they visit your business or more they buy more points they get. You define the rules.
  • Your customer got 50 points on the picture above. Now he can receive some bonus products! yay!

Client gets rewards

  • Now your client is allowed to choose promotion product or service. You define these products and services.
  • We all like receiving free stuff! Make your clients happy:) You can send push notifications to your clients - they will receive them directly on their mobile phones.

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