Free Loyalty Program

Revenue increase

Companies using our loyalty program increase the number and volume of purchases made by their clients.

Loyal clients

Doesn’t it feel great when you get something free? This is what matters most - your client’s satisfaction:)

Start in just few minutes!

Implement our reward system by yourself in just a few minutes. Register in our system, put interesting rewards that your clients can get for free, install our app on your phone or tablet... and that's it! Your clients can use the loyalty program immediately.

Choose when your clients receive points

You can choose if your clients receive certain amount of the points everytime when they visit. You can choose also that they receive a percentage of the sale in points.

Your clients database

Know better your clients

Paper punch cards don't tell you anything about your clients. Loyalo system gives you all the information you need to offer your clients a better service.


Check who is your returning client, how often your clients visit your business.

Notifications Module

Push notifications

Send push notifications directly to clients smartphone. It may be information about a special sale or discount.